Thursday, September 29, 2016

How It All Began

It started with a numbness in the right ankle. It didn't hurt - my husband Bill just couldn't pull it up toward his shin. We had both experienced frozen shoulders, so we thought it could be the same but in the ankle. The doctor prescribed physical therapy, but after several months there was no improvement.
Then Bill came home in the middle of the day with the news that he'd been laid off. Looking back to that day, we thought that was the worst that life could hand us...
...except that I had a job. Very part-time, very low pay, but I carried the family health insurance.
Meanwhile, Bill's doctor had him doing all kinds of testing for what I thought was "the mysterious illness." It wasn't until he was told to get a second opinion that he finally admitted to a life-changing diagnosis. A month later, it was confirmed and the bottom dropped out of the world as we knew it.

Next came research--tons and tons of research. We found ALSA, the official ALS Association site. Whole lot of info there - almost too much, so take it in doses. Or zero in on what you want to know right away. Then bookmark the site so it will be at your fingertips (pun intended)  whenever you need it. What I did was to highlight and copy to a Word document the parts that I thought would benefit either our understanding of the diagnosis or suggestions that could help us as we traverse that path.
And don't forget that Jesus won out over the Devil because Jesus SAVES (as in that Word document, peeps!)

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